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The #1 way to start your ride into stardom is by getting a shout out from someone who is already at the top. An easy way to do this is by tagging big name Instagram accounts in your posts. If they have a clothing line, you could try posting some pics of yourself rocking their gear at the gym. It’s kind of greasy and demoralizing, but isn’t that what social media is all about? Start with people that are just a little more popular than you, then as your following grows you’ll have an easier time approaching the titans of Insta. Once you have some social clout behind you, it’s way easier to slide in a DM.

hey this might sound a bit off topic.. but i need some help about my wrist joints..
i m using wrist supporter because my wrist was once had ligament/tendon weakening b4. i really like to put on heavy weights.. and i really take care of my form to be almost perfect when lift..
look most guys would say go easy on the weights.. but for me i bodybuilding is not just about building muscle.. i enjoy it when i lift heavy..
i m not taking proper nutrition.. i mean i m eating healthy.. but may be lacking some nutrients and all.. any help would be appreciated guys

I grew up in Sydney and lived here 30 years.
This article is SPOT ON regarding Sydney women. A bunch of us swore off them for LTRs and all ended up with foreign girls….SO FEMININE in comparison.
At 30, I went travelling for work and fucking lost my mind. Women were so much friendlier, feminine and easy !!! Especially UK and New Zealand. Then onto Euro. Wow !! WTF ??? Aussie women are HARD AS NAILS. Still got the prison colony 10 men to 1 women entitlement. Btw, 11 days after the 1st Fleet of convicts arrived in 1788, 189 convict white trash women were disembarked into the arms of 1200 men. The soldiers/guards broke open the rum and in the middle of a thunderstorm a massive fucking drunken orgy took place.
Talk about entitlement !!!!!!!!!!!!
Toughest women around.
Stay away !!!
Yes, I did marry a Euro.
No, I no longer live in that shithole, only visit.

Zyzz steroids pic

zyzz steroids pic


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