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However, the stabilizing features of MAD evaporate quickly if one or both states has reason to fear that its arsenal won’t survive a strike — for instance, if its nuclear arsenal or delivery capabilities are small or vulnerable to attack. Similarly, if the states attempt to make themselves less vulnerable by pursuing counterforce capabilities and strategies that might disarm the adversary, the adversary may worry that it will lose all of its nuclear forces in a conflict and be unable to deter nuclear use against it, stripped of its ability to retaliate.

The Minister of the Right later told Neptune that he filled the box with bombs that will explode if the box is opened. He did this as a security measure since the contents of the box were stolen ten years ago. The contents were stolen by Hody Jones and were mass produced by Zeo . They were primarily used to bolster the strength of the New Fishman Pirates , and upon seeing the officers' heavily aged appearances, Neptune came to realize that Hody was the thief of the contents. The box was later stolen by Caribou during the coup and was recovered by the Straw Hats. Luffy gave it to the officers of the Big Mom Pirates , Pekoms and Tamago , who later left with the box and the rest of the palace treasure. [4]

Tbombs steroids

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