Steroids cataract surgery

It is important to remember to follow all of your preoperative instructions, which will usually include not eating or drinking anything after midnight the day prior to your surgery. As cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, arrangements should be made with family or friends to transport you home after the surgery is complete. Most cataract surgery occurs in either an ambulatory surgery center or a hospital. You will be required to report several hours before the scheduled time for your surgery. You will meet with the anesthesiologist who will work with the ophthalmologist to determine the type of sedation that will be necessary. Most cataract surgery is done with only minimal sedation without having to put you to sleep . Numbing drops or an injection around the eye will be used to decrease sensation of the eye.

During cataract surgery, the cloudy natural lens inside your eye will be removed and replaced with a new intraocular lens (IOL). With advances in surgical and intraocular lens technology, there are frequently many different approaches to restoring vision during cataract surgery. Our staff will educate you about the different options you have and introduce some of the new and exciting technologies offered at Berkeley Eye Center, including our new Laser Cataract Surgery procedure, ORA system technology, and the latest  lens implant technology .

I have been in good health, taking no medication, was near-sighted, and had no other eye problems . I had cataract surgery on the left eye 6 weeks ago. I was not given any information about lens, and didn't know what questions to ask, just expected that my vision would be like it was before the cataracts . That has not happened. Everything is still blurry with that eye, it doesn't focus well either near or far. I have to cover it when reading. The right eye still has a cataract, but it sees much better than the left one. I don't think I want to have the right eye done. The doctor says I'm doing fine, that it will just take time, but it seems like forever already. And I'm really tired all the time.

Steroids cataract surgery

steroids cataract surgery


steroids cataract surgerysteroids cataract surgerysteroids cataract surgerysteroids cataract surgerysteroids cataract surgery