Steroid injections when pregnant side effects

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One of the potential complications of steroid shots in the nose is development of a depression in the area of the injection. Just as steroids can work to dissolve mature scar tissue, they can also cause normal soft tissue to dissolve away. This process where soft tissue shrinks down is also known as atrophy. This can occur if the steroid solution gets into the surrounding skin and fat and causes the soft tissues to atrophy. If this does occur, we normally wait several weeks and simply observe the tissues. In most cases, your body will rebound on its own and restore some, if not all, of the lost soft tissue volume. Fortunately, unwanted soft tissue atrophy following a steroid injection is not very common, especially if your rhinoplasty specialist takes a more conservative approach with choice of steroid concentration and volume.

I found out at 17 weeks that i had a huge aneurysm in my heart and if I stayed pregnant, the baby would be premature. We kept the baby and so at 24 weeks they gave me the betamethasone in case I had to have the baby before 28 weeks. At 27 weeks I went into the hospital for monitoring so at 28 weeks I got a booster of the shots. at 28 weeks 2 days they discovered that my aorta had a tear in it, so I had an emergency csection (and heart surgery at the same time). My son is now 13 days old and was only briefly on a ventilator (until they realized he was out performing it). So he's been breathing on his own since birth. I'd say go for the shots.

Steroid injections when pregnant side effects

steroid injections when pregnant side effects


steroid injections when pregnant side effectssteroid injections when pregnant side effectssteroid injections when pregnant side effectssteroid injections when pregnant side effectssteroid injections when pregnant side effects