Non steroidal inhalers for asthma

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Leukotriene modifiers are oral tablets used once or twice daily to treat and prevent chronic asthma and allergic rhinitis. They may be used in combination with an inhaled corticosteroid for an enhanced effect. They can also be used to prevent symptoms due to triggers or exercise, but must be taken at least 3 hours before exposure. If you already take a leukotriene modifier to prevent asthma or allergy symptoms, do not use an extra dose to treat exercise-induced asthma. All patients should still have available for rescue a short-acting β-agonist.

The chances of experiencing short term side effects as a result of your asthma medication are very low because the medication goes straight into the airways and stays in the area where it is needed. Very little of the medication goes elsewhere in the body. Most asthma medications have very few side effects as long as you don’t use them too often. They are safe and effective. The most common side effects of reliever inhalers are shaky hands, headaches and muscle cramps (but normally these only occur when you’ve taken a high dose and these effects usually last for just a few minutes, at most a few hours).

Non steroidal inhalers for asthma

non steroidal inhalers for asthma


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