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Nice article, we can see you did put your time into it. Maybe you could do an article about gluten, milk, etc… I don’t know if that was the kinda suggestions you meant, maybe you wanted more general diet related stuff. Anyways I ask, because I consider myself quite knowledgeable about nutrition. But, there is so much opinion on, say gluten for example, I have read it has cocaine like effects on the brain??, same for milk, they say heat denatures everything, or its pumped full of hormones and steroids, but surely digestion breaks all that down? Also, you say to have little fat post workout, Alan Aragon, in this article http:///muscle-gain/an-objective-comparison-of-chocolate-milk-and-surge- showed that some fat increased protein synthesis, though it is only one study, so no major conclusion can really be drawn.

I tend to keep my nutritional approach very simple. I focus on the quality of my food, rather than concerning myself with the caloric content or macronutrient value. I focus on what I need to be eating rather than on what I shouldn’t be eating, and I don’t dwell on the fact that I ate that cookie and had a beer. I always allow for adjustments to be made, and I make improvements as I go. I also eat foods that no one can argue about, and no one can argue that sardines are unhealthy. (Laughs) At the moment, I have been incorporating 16 ounces of freshly juiced vegetables into my daily diet. My favorite vegetables are beet and carrot mixed with a greens powder.

Jon call jujimufu steroids

jon call jujimufu steroids


jon call jujimufu steroidsjon call jujimufu steroidsjon call jujimufu steroidsjon call jujimufu steroids