Half life of steroids chart

However, metabolites are still present, and therefore the drug can still be detected, but its active life completely ceases. This is avoided by taking another dose in a given time frame in order to make sure that the drug continues to produce the desire effect on the body. Missing a dose can cause the effect to be decreased significantly (because the drug has no active life anymore), whereas taking an extra dose can have serious adverse effect (because your body will be sent into shock). If you reinitiate the actions of the drug by taking the next dose at the right time, you automatically reset the half-life quotient to 100%.

If you're going to use any injectable gear, then of course you're going to need some "darts." You can pick up syringes at your local pharmacy unless your state has certain restrictions. Also, you can purchase needles online. Just do a little searching around and you'll find several places that'll hook you up. Syringes will run you around 50 cents apiece. Note that it'll be more difficult to obtain needles (at least from the larger, more "legit" companies) if you live in California and Illinois. You'll usually need a doctor's prescription in those states. Still, if you look around enough, you can get what you need.

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Half life of steroids chart

half life of steroids chart


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