Giuliano stroe steroids

Please …… he is and will be normal, he doesn’t take anything he just works out and eats. That what happends when you work …. your body grows. When he stops he will get more fat. If he keeps working out, he will be slim boy at age of 15-20y. Unless he will go into bodybuilding. Most profesional athlets started at verry young age, this way your bones get stronger, your body more adapted to physical challenges, Bones, muscles more agile. There is no such thing as working out too young, whole history is of children working hard, and i mean HARD becose their parents couldnt or didnt wanted too. There is a difference in working out, and physical torture.

The most intractable problems, however, are often the dads. “It is never a good idea for children to be obsessed with physical perfection,” says Dahlia Keen, a clinical psychologist in Beverly Hills. “When it’s pushed too far and little boys start to look like mini-men, it can be brutal. Bodybuilding does not tickle.” Mike Burgener, the proprietor of Mike’s Gym in Bonsall, Calif., knows this all too well. Having introduced his four kids to weight lifting at a tender age, he became more involved as they grew up, and even coached his son Casey to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Looking back, though, Bonsall says he was “too gung-ho,” often pushing Casey harder than his adult students. Still, he believes weight lifting is rewarding for kids, if only for the “feelings of strength and confidence it gives them” — after being screamed at by their overbearing fathers.

World strongest kid – GIULIANO STROE – Giuliano Stroe otherwise known as the ‘Little Hercules’, got to be popular universally after he showed up on a TV show at the time of only five, doing push-ups and lifting weights that a grown-up would battle with. Giuliano and his more youthful sibling Claudio have been performing astounding aerobatic accomplishments and lifting weights since they were babies, as their somewhat odd online networking channels have appeared to the world. Purportedly, Giuliano has effectively broken two world records for 90-degree vertical push-ups and another for clutching a post like a human banner.

Giuliano stroe steroids

giuliano stroe steroids


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