Garnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kg

If you want a convenient snack that satisfies your cravings and still delivers a nutritional benefit, then you will simply be delighted with this 35g of protein? We always aim to deliver the best protein quantities across the entire range, and whilst some companies deliver less than 20g per Cookie, we have packed our mouth watering Cookies with 35g, similar to that provided in two small chicken a Cookie?Let’s face it, there are some great protein bars on the market, such as our very own Aspire-40 protein bar, but sometimes you want something soft, crumbly and utterly delicious. Who does not like Cookies? Well, we took the challenge and mixed it up in the kitchen. We hope you will agree this is one amazing product.

Following extensive research, Garnell Nutrition are excited to bring to market what is probably the most advanced and best-tasting “all-in-one” sports supplement ever designed. At the core, is an advanced protein formula. At the core of As-One40 is an advanced, protein matrix. The primary ingredient being specially selected Whey Protein, extensively documented as a premium quality protein source for aiding muscle recovery with easy assimilation by the body.

Formulated with Pro-TRAAM (Protein Blend & Time Release Amino Acid Matrix, Containing; Milk Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine L-Valine, Egg Albumin) this formula along with the premium Whey Protein delivers a total of four protein sources, fortified with added BCAA’s. The result is an advanced “amino balanced protein formula”, aiming to provide and maintain a positive nitrogen balance. The formula adds cost to production, but is designed to simply be the pinnacle of all-in-one supplementation.

Volumising & Recovery Formula
The protein blend is then enhanced with our volumising & recovery formula called (VRF5). The ingredients of which include supplements typically bought separately, such as Creatine, Glutamine and the latest cutting edge supplement Beta Alanine, all extensively used to support size, power and muscle recovery. These nutrients are brought together and included in “As-One40” giving you a complete and easy to use product to gain size and support muscle recovery and growth. The ingredients used in the volumising formula are (per 75g serving):

• 5250mg Glutamine

• 5250mg Creatine

• 1620mg Glycine

• 675 mg Taurine

• 432mg Beta Alanine

Zinc, Magnesium & Support Nutrients
To round off the “all-in-one” formula, we have also added a Zinc, Magnesium, as well as Vitamins, which combined with other nutrients and minerals will serve to form an outstanding and nutritionally advanced product.

Carbohydrates For Energy
This advanced muscle support formula, has been especially designed to include a specific carbohydrate content for energy, but unlike the vast majority of all in one formulas As-One40 contains a very moderate sugar content, with the innovative inclusion of L-Glycine, which when combined with carbohydrates can assist better use of glucose for energy before exercise and also recovery after training. So assisting your well balanced diet and exercise plan with a favourable protein/carb balance, aiding your goals for a lean, muscular physique.

Garnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kg

garnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kg


garnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kggarnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kggarnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kggarnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kggarnell nutrition anabolic mass ii 2kg