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I only used Gervin because at the time it's what was easily available to me and is a good all round yeast and has an alight flavour to it. It's the standard go to yeast I believe.

Yeast can only multiply to what resources they have available. If you use 11g of yeast you will get a much faster fermentation start as there's more yeast to multiply. I also dislike having half opened yeast packets and would rather use it up in one go than have it in storage etc.

I used glass bottles and have never had anything explode on me yet. As long as your sure fermentation has stopped you should be OK to add a little bit of sugar to prime and then bottle them.

If you are worried feel free to use plastic ones the first time you do it and then you can always refine.

Using the Auto-Siphon (about $9) is the easiest way to start a siphon. The next best way to start a siphon is to completely fill the racking cane and attached flex tubing with water. Cover the flexible tubing end securely with your thumb to prevent the water from draining out. Next insert the cane into the wine carboy, being careful not to disturb the sediment at the bottom. To start the siphon, release your thumb and allow the water to flow into a separate glass. Once the wine is flowing through the tubing, lower the tubing to the bottom of the empty 5 gallon carboy. Avoid splashing.

Filtering homebrew steroids

filtering homebrew steroids


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