Examples of naturally occurring steroids

The second and potentially more interesting function is newTA . This is the long-awaited skeleton function to create custom TA indicators to be appended to any chart. It takes the skeleton concept one step further, and dynamically creates the function code needed for a new indicator, based on the function you passed to it. Essentially a bit of self-aware programming makes adding new indicators quite intuitive and practically painless. Given it's rather cutting edge abilities, it is on the cusp of experimental. Luckily if all else fails, and what you get is not what you expected, you can always modify the code created to better suit your needs.

Mixing humor and heartbreak, Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist delves into the lab of charismatic professor Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, and follows three irrepressible graduate students on their determined pursuit of a PhD and scientific success. As if the pressure of scientific discovery isn’t enough, the students are also competing in a worldwide race to be the first to publish their findings. Their challenge: to decipher the structure and mechanism of AMPK, a tiny protein that controls the burning and storage of fat. Their road to success: years of trial and error, unflinching dedication, rock-climbing, rumors of pickle juice, and the music of The Flaming Lips.

Another example of classical conditioning can be seen in the development of conditioned taste aversions . Researchers John Garcia and Bob Koelling first noticed this phenomenon when they observed how rats that had been exposed to a nausea-causing radiation developed an aversion to flavored water after the radiation and the water were presented together. In this example, the radiation represents the unconditioned stimulus and the nausea represents the unconditioned response. After the pairing of the two, the flavored water is the conditioned stimulus, while the nausea that formed when exposed to the water alone is the conditioned response.

Examples of naturally occurring steroids

examples of naturally occurring steroids


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