Elitefitness steroids

ebook, "The Secrets of Mail Order Steroid Success" is a complete scam!

Here's the claim:

"SUPPLIER SECRETS: No scammers here! This is the first and most extensive section of Secrets 2008 ...and the most accurate and exhaustive directory of mail-order steroid sources ANYWHERE! This hot list of over 40 LEGITIMATE sources around the world, catering to American athletes, is truly news you can use to buy steroids. Not a dead e-mail address or web link in sight!"

Here's the facts:

The eBook I received access to contains only 15 sources. The first 4 are well-known scammers - conterfeit, underfilled sachets or not sending products. The next 4, Primordial******.com (NO STEROIDS), IGF****.com (DEAD LINK), antiaging*****.com (NO STEROIDS), ag*****.com (FAKE STEROIDS). The last 7 are "legit online pharmacies" that DON'T SELL STEROIDS, only PCT, Viagra, etc.

The rest of George Spellwin's ebook is filled with contradictory information, dead links and useless garbage. Mr. Spellwin markets this "bodybuilder friendly" ebook as a resource to prevent us from getting scammed by mail-order sites, yet he SCAMS YOU even before you order steroids.

I should have known better...any guy that also authored an ebook called "Guide to Getting Laid" cannot possibly be taken seriously. /George Spellwin is also being sued by for plagiarism and copyright violation, involving another one of his ebooks.

and George Spellwin are FRAUDS selling worthless ebooks loaded with steroid scammer sites!


Elite Fitness=SCAM
Elite Fitness Steroid Ebook Scam
Steroid Ebook Scammer
Steroid Scammer
Elite Fitness Steroid Scam

But if I mixed it with sterile water, would the HGH be damaged in 4-5 day’s ?
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Re: Kigtropin (HGH) question
Old 03-Nov-2012, 01:42 PM #7
United States
ba water is fine, i might not be the best for the Peptide but its made for injections. I know the doctor would have you use it with HGH. If you are taking 5ui’s a day the vial is gone in two days and in my opinion does not give the alcohol in the water enough time to degrade the quality of the Peptide. If it does degrade the Peptide in anyway, then in my opinion it would not be more than a couple percent. My final thought, if I had BA with HGH then i would use it. I have done an 8 month cycle with jintropin 3 years ago and even though i used ba, i still looked the best i ever did in my life. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and this is just my personal two cents. thanks
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In 1997, Phillips was eager to expand his empire beyond the bodybuilding industry. MM2K changed from targeting the hardcore bodybuilder to the more mainstream exercise participant, and the July 1997 issue saw the magazine redubbed simply as Muscle Media . [21] While Muscle Media 2000 had a distribution of 500,000 copies per issue at its peak, [22] the change in direction alienated many traditional readers, and sales numbers reportedly declined sharply afterwards. [23] [24] Publication finally ceased in 2004 after the EAS company was sold a second time.

Elitefitness steroids

elitefitness steroids


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