Ectomorphs before and after steroids

First of all.. if you keep eating "1kg of sardines", you will get very sick. It's not a question of if you will get sick but when. Natural whole foods are great and you do not need supplements. As long as you are getting all vitamins and minerals and a surplus of calories, you're all good.
Secondly.. not even Big Ramy needs 240g of protein a day or he actually requires somewhere around that amount daily. The PROTEIN hype is all bullshit suggested by the "fitness" industry, that you need that much protein. It's a hustling moneymaking industry which takes advantage of idiots who will buy anything and believe everything.. You need 1- of protein pr kg body weight a day. Anything above that is fine but not necessary.
If you are not making gains, your training program is wrong or you are not doing the work required. If you are trying your hardest and not seeing results, my guess is, you are following a workout meant for someone on gear(drugs). Try a novice or medium 5x5 type program. Something simple with compound movements where you hit every body part in each workout. Do this for at least 5 months.

A 444 balance possesses half of the characteristics from each body type. Generally, if all of the numbers in a somatotype sequence are 3, 4, or 5, that is considered a balanced body type. If the first number is a 6 or 7, the body type is endomorph; if the second number is 6 or 7, the body type is mesomorph, and if the third number is 6 or 7, the body type is ectomorph. If none of these apply, consider yourself an endo-mesomorph if mesomorphy>endomorphy>ectomorphy, a meso-endomorph if endomorphy>mesomorphy>ectomorphy, an ecto-mesomorph if mesomorphy>ectomorphy>endomorphy, a meso-ectomorph if ectomorphy>mesomorphy>endomorphy, an ecto-endomorph if endomorphy>ectomorphy>mesomorphy, or an endo-ectomorph if ectomorphy>endomorphy>mesomorphy (endomorphy is the first number, mesomorphy is the second number, and ectomorphy is the third number). If you are a 551 or 442, you can consider yourself either a balanced endo-mesomorph or a balanced meso-endomorph, if you are a 155 or 244, you can consider yourself either a balanced ecto-mesomorph or a balanced meso-ectomorph, and if you are a 515 or 424, you can consider yourself either a balanced ecto-endomorph or a balanced endo-ectomorph. If you’d like to view these visually, you can go to https:///2010/12/july-revised- . Keep in mind that while you can change your physique (. go from fat to lean, fat to thin, thin to muscular, thin to fat, etc.), your body type never changes, as body types simply reflect tendencies toward physical characteristics, rather than current physical characteristics that may be achieved through hard efforts or resulting from poor lifestyle. In other words, this is a case of nature vs nurture, where somatotypes=nature and physiques=nurture.

Ectomorphs before and after steroids

ectomorphs before and after steroids


ectomorphs before and after steroidsectomorphs before and after steroidsectomorphs before and after steroidsectomorphs before and after steroidsectomorphs before and after steroids