Cat sick after steroid shot

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your Diar-eze fiber and homeopathic drops!! Our 15 year old cat (Pekoe) was diagnosed with IBS this year. Over the past 6 months we and our vet have been eliminating the possible cause for the throwing up and chronic diarrhea. When IBS was finally ruled and he was put on the steroid predinzone it would work for a while then we'd need to up Pekoe's dosage for a week and lower again when he'd have an episode of diarrhea. It was not until my husband found your wonderful product and started to give to Pekoe did he really improve.

My cat Twinkle just recently passed on Dec 26th. He was 9 1/2 years old. He went from 15 pounds to 7 when he got very sick. I noticed he was straining to go poop & nothing would come out. We switched from hard to soft cat food & he would eat just a little. I noticed his weight loss & how it was hard for him to walk. When he couldn’t jump on my lap I knew this was it. I took him to the vet & he was too far gone. He had went into liver failure the vet said & nothing could be done. He passed within 2 seconds. He was our first animal out of 5 that we’ve had since 5 weeks old that has passed away & I’ve cried everyday this week. I have 2 other cats & 2 dogs to help me ease the pain, but it still hurts. But now he is not suffering. This all happened in 1 week.

Cat sick after steroid shot

cat sick after steroid shot


cat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shotcat sick after steroid shot