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Now, that I have seen you comments in what you have responded to other people and their views, I can respect your words and views better. What you have said wasn’t filled with words of just air, but your words actually have meaning behind them. I read your article. I was an enjoyable read. I have read your comments on Jesus, and it actually allowed me to really enjoy your article even more. You truly do understand the personification of what an alpha male is. You choose not to argue nor discredit anyone’s belief, but choose to provide proof for them to digest. Thank you.

I was about 14 years old, at my home talking on the phone to one of my friends.. being a teen.

Suddenly, I heard dogs barking, and people screaming outside my house. So I ran out to the deck outside and saw a terrible sight... my neighbor trying with all his might to hold back one of his "nice pitbulls", while his other pit bull was on top of my little dog, tearing it to shreds.

This was on my property. The owner had no control his dogs.

The dogs ran down a long driveway onto our property right next to my home to attack my dog. My mom was also outside at the time. It could have been my mom.

My mom came inside, got a huge kitchen knife, and stabbed the pitbull, trying to save her own dog. I'm sorry to be graphic here, but I think it's necessary.. The pit bulls' insides were literally falling outside of it's body, and it STILL was going after my dog.

Right after the pit bull attacked my dog, the owner kept saying, "but she's always been the sweetest dog! She's such a nice pit bull, she's trained."

You can train a tiger. But would you keep one as a pet? Not if you have half a brain. Just like a tiger, or lion, a pit bull - no matter how trained - can turn on you at ANY time. They KILL people.

After that happened, I don't feel safe walking down my own driveway. I cannot ride a bike in my neighborhood because there are pit bulls.

No, pit bulls are not bad creatures. They were bred to be fighters. It is not their fault. It is peoples fault. People want to feel tough, and macho, so they get a dog with a dirty rep. It's immature in my opinion. I understand wanting a dog for protection.. But there are many big tough dogs that make great pets, that will protect you, and were not trained to kill.

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Alfa farmers steroids

alfa farmers steroids


alfa farmers steroids